IOLabWeb: A Web Based IOLab Application

IOLabWeb is a browser based IOLab application whose main purpose is to allow students with Chromebooks and Linux machines (almost any plaform in fact) to perform experiments using IOLab without installing any software.

This project is still in its infancy so compared to the Official IOLab Application the capabilities of IOLabWeb are quite primitive.

The code is currently under development and is not guaranteed to be stable or bug-free. In fact, if you find a bug or have an idea for improvement please email Mats Selen at Please do not contact IOLab Tech Support about IOLabWeb since they are not familiar with it.

You need to use version 89 or higher of either the Chrome or Edge web browser. Make sure cookies are enabled since these are used to store your options and calibration constants. The code is updated frequently so always do a "hard reload" to avoid problems due to browser caching of old code and images.

To launch IOLabWeb go to (or click on the image below) and start exploring. Note that hovering over a control element will show its function.

I am creating the code as an open source project so if you are interested in collaborating please email me at and I will be glad to point you to the GitHub repository.

I expect to deploy new code here frequently and will use this changelog file to track changes.

Many thanks to Prof. Edward Sternin at Brock University for inspiring this little project. He has written a very nice browser based IOLab application that he uses with his own students which includes some very powerful data analysis and fitting tools. If you want to check this out go to