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Calibration Control ×

Options and Preferences ×

Select which sensors to reverse the y-axis for:

Select which output controls to display when your remote is on:
DAC (analog)   
D6 (digital)   
D4 (PWM)   
D5 (PWM)   

Specify the vertical component of the Earth's magnetic field at your location to improve your magnetometer calibration:
Local Bz = uT   (Look here for detailed instructions)

Specify how long to let your IOLab be idle before powering it down to save power:
Inactivity Timeout   

Pairing Dialog ×

To pair the Dongle with a Remote, put the remote into Discovery Mode
and click the PAIR button at the bottom of this dialog.

To put your remote into Discovery Mode:
1. Make sure it is turned off.
2. Hold down the + button while you turn the device back on.
3. Keep holding the + button for about 3 seconds until the lights flash as shown below:

(If you are unsure, this video shows you how to do it).