Driver Installation

Not needed for Windows 10. May be needed for some older Windows 8 installations.

1. Start by downloading the driver installation application that is appropriate for your computer:
2. You will need Administrator privileges on your PC to run the driver installation code. If you try to run the installer by just clicking on it rather than right-clicking as described below, you will see this message:

3. Right-click on the application icon and select Run as administrator as shown below.
(If you don't "run as administrator", you will get an error message and the installer will quit.)

4. On Windows 8 you might get a message that looks like this:

If this happens, click on More Info as shown, and then on the Run Anyway button that appears.

5. Click Yes or Continue as needed until the installation is finished.

6. The first time you plug an iOLab dongle into your PC it may take a minute for the driver to load - please be patient and wait until its finished.